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If you’re a fan of catching big fish (and who isn’t, right?), then you want to go deep sea fishing out in the Gulf of Mexico. As a general rule, the deeper the water, the bigger the fish! Of course, there are many exceptions to that rule.

On our FOUR HOUR Deep Sea fishing excursions, we mainly go bottom fishing for a variety of snapper species like lane snapper and mangrove snapper, cobia, and small grouper, but there are many other varieties of fish that we target depending on the time of year.

Your offshore fishing expedition begins at the Tin City Shops traveling south on the Gordon River through Naples Bay, then we “hang a reggie” (turn right), and head west through Gordon Pass out to the glorious Gulf of Mexico where hungry fish await our arrival!

On a FOUR HOUR excursion, we typically travel up to 20 miles offshore on our party boat SEA FLIGHT.

If you are looking to get even more out of your excursion, consider calling our office and asking about our private charter options!